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Advanced Nursing Care for Medically  Fragile Children with Dysphagia

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Dysphagia is difficulty swallowing food or liquid that takes longer and more effort than usual to reach the stomach. This condition can be painful, and in some instances, swallowing can be impossible. While occasional issues with swallowing, such as when you do not chew food properly, or you eat too quickly, usually are not an issue, chronic dysphagia is a severe medical problem and should be treated. It can happen at any age but is more common in older adults, and the treatment depends on the cause.

At Learning Tree PPEC, we aim to provide exceptional medical treatment and support to children with Dysphagia. We offer feeding therapy, and nutritional assistance, with skilled and compassionate multi-lingual nursing staff and therapists. We are open 12 hours per day, 6 days per week.  Learning Tree PPEC of Orlando. Also offers free medical transportation and Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapies.”

Our goal is to assist our patients in recovering and becoming independent.  Above all, our team cares about those we treat as if they were our family members. Contact us to learn what makes us the best option to care for your little one.


We deliver the most trusted infrastructure of  Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care  (PPEC) Medical Day Care in CENTRAL FLORIDA.

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