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Patients attending Learning Tree PPEC in Orlando can also receive free medical transportation service in Orlando, Kissimmee,  and surrounding areas, pick up and return home.

Lack of transportation, work schedules, and other factors can burden parents and caregivers. As part of your extended family, we facilitate transportation services for your kids. We ensure that your little ones receive the medical care they need and deserve. 

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At Learning Tree PPEC in Orlando, we understand we have a tremendous daily responsibility to transport the most critical cargo, our patients. Safety is our highest priority.  

Our Free medical transportation is wheelchair friendly along with a nurse and driver. We work with Florida Medicaid to coordinate transportation to and from the center. A medical escort provided by  Learning Tree PPEC in Orlando monitors the children in transit.

Our transportation staff undergoes a Level 2 Background screening from AHCA. Our medical buses are clean, comfortable, and regularly inspected and maintained. They are equipped with oxygen and emergency equipment to ensure the safety of our medically fragile or complex children

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