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herapy Services


Physical Therapy

PT therapists evaluate and treat infants and children with deficits in gross motor skills, always observing the goal of helping the child reach their full potential leading to functional independence. Physical therapy works on coordination skills, endurance, gait training (learning to walk) strengthening, range of motion, balance and tone management for infants and children, including developmental activities like rolling, crawling and tummy time. The therapists can assist the parents or caregivers in obtaining appropriate equipment such as orthotics (braces), walkers, gait trainers, standing frames, and wheelchairs for the benefit of the patient.


Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy for medically complex patients vary from developing communication skills, sounds, and making eye contact using functional objects or toys. Speech therapy is focused on oral motor skills, strengthening the muscles needed for speech along with sucking, swallowing, and chewing. In older children, developing vocabulary, grammar, articulation, improving the way children say sounds in words to be better understood. Speech therapy may teach sign language skills, use picture boards or communication devices to help children communicate their basic wants and needs, or more complex thoughts and ideas.


Occupational Therapy

OT therapists help infants and children with their daily routines such as play, self-help and education. Occupational therapy helps patients with difficulties in movement, coordination, and cognitive functions, it also promotes learning and independent play by exploring their environment using their hands and other senses. OT will help the patient to succeed in: fine motor coordination, cognitive development, upper body strengthening, positioning, feeding, grooming, dressing and sensory processing skills.

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