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Advanced Nursing Care for Medically  Fragile Children with Epilepsy

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Epilepsy is a serious neurological illness which is globally recognized as the fourth most common disorder. When one suffers from epilepsy, surges of electrical activity in the brain can lead to regular seizures. Therefore, specialized daycare for children with this condition is beneficial, providing them with physical and cognitive care that aids with everyday activities.


The core symptoms of epilepsy involve sudden, uncontrollable movements of the body, a loss of consciousness or awareness, as well as a feeling of intense fear or anxiety. Depending on the kind of seizure, additional indicators may occur, for instance, a loss of control of one’s muscles or bladder and excessive tongue biting.

At Learning Tree PPEC, we aim to provide exceptional medical treatment and support to children  with epilepsy or seizure disorders. We offer medication advice for avoiding potential seizure triggers, medication, nerve stimulation, and nutritional assistance, with a skilled and compassionate multi-lingual nursing staff. We are open 12 hours per day, 6 days per week, and treat the children in our care as members of the family.

Learning Tree PPEC Orlando provides skilled nursing care to medically fragile children with Epilepsy. This includes thorough medical care as well as emotional and social support, physical, occupational, and speech therapies, corrective training, medical transport, and recreational activities. 

Our goal is to assist our patients in recovering and becoming independent.  Above all, our team cares about those we treat as if they were our family members. Contact us to learn what makes us the best option to care for your little one.


We deliver the most trusted infrastructure of  Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care  (PPEC) Medical Day Care in CENTRAL FLORIDA.

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