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Advanced Nursing Care for Medically  Fragile Children with Cerebral Palsy

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Cerebral palsy (CP) is a group of disorders that affect a person’s ability to move and maintain balance and posture. CP is the most common motor disability in childhood. Cerebral means having to do with the brain. Palsy means weakness or problems with using the muscles. CP is caused by abnormal brain development or damage to the developing brain that affects a person’s ability to control his or her muscles.


CP symptoms can occur a bit differently in each child. A child may have muscle weakness, poor motor control, or shaking (spasticity) of the arms or legs. A child may also have muscle stiffness in the form of stiff legs or clenched fists. With diagnosis and treatment, children can learn how to manage their condition.

Learning Tree PPEC of Orlando provides skilled nursing care to  medically fragile children with cerebral palsy. This includes thorough medical care as well as emotional and social support, physical, occupational, and speech therapies, corrective training, medical transport, and recreational activities. Our goal is to assist our payients in recovering and becoming independent.  Above all, our team cares about those we treat as if they were our family members. Contact us to learn what makes us the best option to care for your little one.


We deliver the most trusted infrastructure of  Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care  (PPEC) Medical Day Care in CENTRAL FLORIDA.

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