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PPEC In Florida

What are some measurements taken by Learning Tree PPEC to ensure safety and cleanliness? 

Learning Tree PPEC stands out for its commitment to providing children with a safe, social, and joyful environment. Our emphasis on individualized care and attention to each child's unique needs, personality, and developmental goals sets us apart. Our staff prioritizes the well-being and happiness of the children in their care, fostering a sense of security and comfort. We don't just provide standard care-we go above and beyond to ensure that every child is treated as an individual, with their own care plan, therapies, and needs taken into account. Our PPEC is not just a place where children receive the attention and support they need to thrive but a nurturing and supportive atmosphere for both the children and their families. We are the top choice for families with children with complex medical needs, offering top-notch medical care, safety protocols, and a chance to be kids.

Learning Tree PPEC offers specialized services and therapies to support children's health and development. 

The services include: 

Speech Therapy: Through this program, trained speech therapists help children enhance their communication abilities and expand their vocabulary. 

Nutritious Meals: The center is starting a program in June to provide breakfast, lunch, and two daily snacks tailored to each child's dietary needs to support proper nutrition.

Transportation Services: For convenience, transportation is organized to and from the facility for the children. - 

Physical Therapy: In physical therapy, professionals employ advanced exercises and techniques to help children achieve or maintain optimal physical health.  

Occupational Therapy: Occupational therapists at the facility assist children in developing and honing the skills essential for everyday activities and independent living.

How does PPEC center help parents of children with complex medical conditions?

At Learning Tree PPEC Medical Day Care, children with complex medical conditions can play and learn with other kids in a safe, nurturing environment, giving their parents time to work, continue with school, or care for other children in the household. Since the child will receive daily medical care, trips to the emergency room and doctor’s office should be reduced. Our center provides comprehensive services covered by Medicaid, including therapy, specialized medical care, and transportation. These services are designed to support the child's health and development and provide intensive family support. This caring approach ensures that while parents attend to their responsibilities, their children are safe and receive the necessary tailored educational and developmental interventions. Referrals to our Medical Day Care can be made by a child’s doctor, case manager, or other agency for children, ensuring that those who can benefit most from our services can access them.

How does Learning Tree PPC in Florida stand out from others?

Learning Tree PPEC in Florida stands out by providing skilled nursing and other services in a licensed non-residential setting for children and adolescents with medically complex conditions enrolled in Medicaid. This facility, a Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Center (PPEC), offers medical daycare services staffed by nurses, caregivers, and therapists. Children can receive care for up to 12 hours daily, including medical, nursing, therapeutic, and developmental therapy services tailored to their medical condition and developmental status. The staff at the PPEC includes Registered Nurses (RNs), LPNs, and CNAs. 

Additionally, studies have shown that children enrolled in PPEC experience significant improvement in life scores and have lower severity of medical conditions than those in home health settings. Patients covered by Florida Medicaid receive full coverage for PPEC services with no out-of-pocket costs to families. Every PPEC must be approved and licensed by AHCA. What truly sets Learning Tree PPEC apart is that it is the only physician-owned prescribed pediatric extended care facility in Central Florida.

 Our renowned team of professionals, many of whom have over 10 years of experience, operate under the supervision of a Director of Nursing, providing expertise and care unmatched by other centers. 

Beyond standard healthcare, Learning Tree PPEC  provides a comprehensive approach that includes medical, nursing, developmental, and educational therapies. 

Our facilities are designed to foster a nurturing and safe environment where children can play, learn, and grow. We prioritize cleanliness and comfort, with spacious, open areas that allow children to receive the best care in an optimal setting. 

This ensures that highly qualified medical professionals continuously monitor and adjust every child’s healthcare. This physician-led approach, combined with our experienced administrative and nursing staff, ensures that we provide exceptional daily care, making Learning Tree PPEC a standout provider in pediatric extended care.

What are Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care (PPEC) Centers designed for?

Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care (PPEC) Centers are specialized facilities established to offer high-quality medical care to children who are medically fragile or have complex medical needs. These centers aim to provide a supportive, less restrictive environment that focuses on children's medical, social, and developmental needs, allowing them to receive necessary care outside of a hospital setting.

Who should be referred to PPEC or Medical Day Care?

 PPEC or Medical Day Care should receive referrals for several groups of children. This includes those who are already getting home health services and those suffering from metabolic, genetic, or neuromuscular disorders. Children who experience respiratory issues, including those who are ventilator-dependent, as well as children who are confined to their homes due to medical reasons, should also be referred. Additionally, any child and their family benefiting from Medicaid should be referred. Medicaid is 100% covered by Medicaid. 

How does choosing a Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care (PPEC) facility near you improve accessibility to medical care for your child? 

Selecting a PPEC near me significantly enhances accessibility to medical care for your child by reducing travel time. You can quickly reach the facility in emergencies or for frequent appointments, ensuring timely access to essential medical services. Reduced travel time minimizes stress on the child and family, facilitates better adherence to treatment plans, and ensures prompt intervention when necessary.

Compared to traditional homecare, how does PPEC promote socialization and community for children with complex medical needs?

At Medical Day Care or PPEC, children with complex medical conditions can play and learn with other kids in a safe, nurturing environment, giving their parents time to work, continue with school, or care for other children in the household. Since the child will receive daily medical care, trips to the emergency room and doctor's office should be reduced. Beyond these practical benefits, our Medical Day Care center, same as similar to PPEC, offers many structured and unstructured playtime activities, including therapy and interactive sessions promoting social skills and cognitive development. 

For instance, we have observed significant milestones in PPEC, such as children beginning to do things after seeing their peers do the same, demonstrating the powerful role of modeling and peer influence in a child's development. Our approach focuses not only on the medical needs of the children but also on their emotional and social development. This supportive setting allows children to explore their surroundings, build meaningful relationships, and receive the responsive interaction essential for their growth. This environment ensures that each child’s developmental milestones are met and exceeded, thanks to the rich tapestry of social and educational experiences that only a specialized setting like ours can provide.

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